Alonso y Fábregas S.L is one of the first operators at a national level to submit the standard application and the first in Galicia to obtain it.



The CEO of Alonso y Fábregas S.L has defined an AEO Policy focused on increasing our competitiveness in a market that is increasingly demanding. The Policy is based on streamlining the various customs procedures that are conducted on behalf of our customers, as well as increasing security throughout the logistics chain of which we form part.


Since the company was founded, Alonso y Fábregas S.L has always adapted to the needs of the market, gradually carving out its place in the sector in a flexible and effective way, right up to the present day, thereby responding to the needs of its customers.


Alonso y Fábregas S.L has embraced the inclusion of the figure of Authorized Economic Operator, in compliance with the requirements established by the Customs and Excise Department, as one of its main principles of operation. The company has developed a business structure based on human capital, the company’s biggest asset, and its integration in the work system.


We strive to make continual improvement and innovation a fundamental pillar of the management of Alonso y Fábregas S.L. To this end, we aim to maintain constant contact with the parties involved, whether they are our customs contact, another operator in the international trade chain or our customers, all with the objective of identifying their needs and improving the service we provide them.


In order to achieve the principles set out in the Policy, the Board of Directors promote the firm conviction of all of the employees in the benefit of the figure of the Authorized Economic Operator as the best means of properly conducting our activities, and always maintaining a high degree of participation of the team in the operations related to the company and its continual improvement.




The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a crucially important figure in international trade today and, in particular, with respect to all aspects related to customs. There follows an overview of this figure, the requirements they must meet and the benefits they enjoy, etc.:


What is an Authorized Economic Operator?


The AEO is a by-law that can be obtained by economic operators from the European Community, the main purpose is to demonstrate that the operator is considered by the European Union to be reliable and proper in its professional activity in terms of all customs-related matters. Although the accreditation is an optional certification, the member states exert a certain amount of pressure through their customs departments on customs agents and large exporting and importing companies to implement this figure.


It should be noted that, just as in the case of the American C-TPAT, the role of the Authorized Economic Operator was developed as a way to increase the security of the international logistics chain, in the fight against both terrorism and drug trafficking.


How is the figure of Authorized Economic Operator regulated?


The defining bases of the AEO role are established in the following legal documents: Regulation 648/2005, amending Council Regulation (EEC) No 2913/1992 establishing the Community Customs Code, Regulation 1875/2006, and European Commission Regulation EC 1192/2008, amending Regulation (EEC) 2454/93.


How long has Alonso y Fabregas S.L been an Authorized Economic Operator?


Since 6th September 2010. We were one of the first operators at a national level to submit the application for through the standard process and the first in Galicia (where our head office in located) to obtain it.


What advantage do customers of Alonso y Fabregas S.L enjoy because of the company’s status as an Authorized Economic Operator?


The benefits gained from having the Authorized Economic Operator certification depend on the type of certification (customs simplifications, security or both) and also on the type of company (exporter, importer, shipper, customs agent, etc.). In general, an AEO has more simple and direct access to Customs Authorities. In particular, AEOs enjoy the following benefits:


Fewer tax and documentation inspections: the number of red channel (tax inspection) and orange channel (documentation inspection) clearance checks is reduced.


Priority in tax and documentation inspections: in the event of inspections, these are faster in the case of AEO customs agents and importers.


Centralized national office: Alonso y Fabregas S.L can clear cargo at any port, airport or pointy of entry, carrying out all of the documentation procedures at other customs points.


Facilities to access simplified customs procedures: it is possible for holders of the AEO certification to access certain simplified customs which provide attractive benefits for operators (mainly exporting and importing companies).


On occasions, authorized economic operators can request other advantages not explicitly indicated in the legislation currently in force, but which the Customs Department may grant at its discretion.


Can an exporting or importing company be accredited as an AEO?


Of course. In fact, Alonso y Fabregas S.L advises many to its customers to apply for this certification (depending on their size, type of operations, etc.). We can offer our consultancy and experience in this procedure.


What do I have to do to obtain accreditation as an Authorized Economic Operator?


To be certified as an Authorized Economic Operator, an application must be submitted to the AEAT (Spanish State Tax Authority). The AEAT itself will audit the applicant company to verify compliance with the following prerequisites:

Certified financial solvency

History of compliance with customs regulations

Rigorous inspection of accounting, commercial, IT and customs procedures

Physical security levels in the facilities (for Security Certification)


Further information about AEOs


If you would like to find out more about the figure of the Authorized Economic Operator, please consult the following resources:

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