The mission of Alonso y Fábregas S.L is to provide the best service to the customer in terms of quality, flexibility and efficiency, providing constant support throughout the production and commercial tasks of ours customers’ companies.


Our engineers have taken efficiency in production processes to its very limit and, in terms of marketing, our company has mastered every aspect imaginable in the art of selling and generating new markets. The company’s other skills focus on improving the transport of goods from the manufacturers and their suppliers to the end consumer.


In view of the important role played by logistics in all aspects of the management and administration of a company’s supply chain, production and distribution, nowadays, effective logistics management is crucial, to the point that it has become a true business asset, synonymous with efficiency and service excellence, which all translates into generating greater value.


With this in mind, the company’s logistics structure must be seen as a key success factor that becomes an indispensible tool for making companies competitive and efficient in the modern environment with its abundance of technological advances, high levels of competition and greater needs in terms of customer satisfaction.


Alonso y Fábregas S.L embraces the challenge and offers its customers all of its experience in consulting and managing foreign trade operations, accumulated over more than 80 years in the sector.