The company was founded in 1934 by Eladio Fábregas Montero to advise and support companies and individuals professionally throughout their foreign trade operations. In 1965, the founder’s son, Eladio Eliseo Fábregas Vazquez, took the reins of the Customs Agency from his father. Over recent years, complementary services have been incorporated, such as national and international transportation, foreign trade consultancy, management of customs and other bonded warehouses, etc., with the aim of offering a comprehensive service to our customers.


The Alonso y Fábregas Customs Agency S.L has its head office in Vigo (Pontevedra). In addition, the company has a network of authorized operational subsidiaries equipped with the infrastructure required to provide an efficient, high-quality service. The Alonso y Fábregas Customs Agency S.L ranks as one of the leading companies in its sector. The prestige that the company has earned is underpinned by a combination of the following factors:


A team of highly-qualified professionals with a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base, which has enabled the company to undertake large foreign trade projects with great efficiency.


Our company is equipped with the most advanced technical resources, which enables astute management that results in enhanced effectiveness and speed in the resolution of our customers’ needs.


The company sets itself apart by the personalized and high-quality service that it offers, with customers being able to contact their account manager directly to keep updated about their operations.